The land of the Tswanas, Botswana’s main ethnic group, occupies a vast wilderness of sand, alternately bare and desolate, or covered with brush. The Kalahari Desert occupies the central area. Yet this splendid, little-known territory, landlocked between Namibia, Zimbabwe and South Africa, cannot be entirely summed up as a desert.

Discover the grasslands where animals, both predators and prey, roam freely over unfenced reserves, where visitors exchange travel experiences round camp fires when the sun goes down, and where the human footprint is still unseen. Visiting Zambia provides the opportunity to explore untamed nature.

  • Excursion to the Victoria Falls, flying over them in a helicopter or ultralight plane
  • Safari by boat to the Chobe National Park
  • Dinner in the bushland with traditional dances
  • Elephant rides
  • Excursion with a lion or cheetah