Too far, too expensive, too inaccessible: for a very long time, Japan was regarded as a sort of planet Mars in the Far East.

A fascinating archipelago, an extremely refined civilization, a distant star, magnetic but beyond our reach. Tokyo, the largest city in the world, an electrifying urban world, hectic, sparkling. Kyoto, the former imperial capital, a city of art, geishas, tea and ikebana. Nara, the cradle of art and religion, but also Nikko perched high in the mountains, Kamakura at the edge of the sea, Hakone, gateway to Mount Fuji, the majestic symbol of Japan, to be visited in the spring to admire the cherry blossom.

  • Guided tour of Nijo Castle, Kinkaku-ji and Todaiji Temples…
  • Discovery tour in traditional rickshaws of the Arashiyama district, Nomya Temple, Togetsu Bridge
  • Taiko demonstration in one of the temples in the town of Kyoto, giant robot show
  • Ascension of Mount Koya, discovery tour of the sanctuary, ascension of Mount Fuji…
  • Night in a “shukubo”, accommodation in a Buddhist temple
  • Discovery tour of Tokyo, cruise on the Sumida River, visit to a fish market, the Roppongi Hills district and its famous Mori Tower