Cape Town (The Cape) is trying to develop the idea of peaceful cosmopolitanism. It embodies an Africa created by white people. It is a melting-pot of business and tourism, nature, and what Man has made of it.

Cape Town contains the very essence of the country’s past. Behind an undeniable feeling of harmony, it bears its share of contradictions and desperation. Sublime nature serves as its backcloth.

  • Privatization of the Castle of the Cape of Good Hope, with dinner on a special theme
  • Buffet cocktail at the top of Table Mountain with privatized area
  • Discovery tour of manors on the Wine Route in vintage cars
  • Diving in a cage to observe great white sharks
  • Cape of Good Hope by Jeep, side-car or Harley
  • Cruise to Dukker Island, safari in the Bufflestontein Nature Reserve