Incentive trip to China

The participants of this incentive trip visited Beijing, Shanghai and Hong-Kong.

Arrival at the Chinese Wall
Climb by cable car, guided tour and descent on foot
Departure to Beijing
Departure to Houhai Lake
Tour in inch-inch around the lake
Cocktail, Dinner at the restaurant Nuage
Overnight at Hilton Wangfujing
Visit of the Forbidden City with a speaker

Departure to Yangshan, crossing the Donghai Bridge, 32km long and overview of the offshore wind farm then professional visit of the Port of Shanghai or professional visit of the Shanghai Free-Trade Zone *
Back to Shanghai
Lunch at Eileen restaurant 3rd floor of the World Financial Center
Visit the World Financial Center
Departure to the headquarters of BYD (automotive sector)
BYD professional visit
Walk on the Bund
Dinner at M On the Bund Restaurant
Overnight at Hyatt on the Bund
Canature Professional Visit

Hong Kong
Arrival in Hong Kong
Departure by bus to the port of Kowloon
Embarkation on the privatized Aqua Luna to attend the Symphony of Light show, cocktail on board
Landing at the fishing village of Lei Yue for a seafood dinner
Departure by bus to Kowloon Temple Street Night Market
Overnight at Shangri La Kowloon
Board of Directors at the hotel
Conference on the theme of digital consumption or the advertising peculiarity of the country
Conference on the evolution of Hong Kong and its transformation since the end of the British protectorate
Lunch at Aku Teppanyaki Restaurant
Crossing Victoria Bay with Star Ferry to Central District
Discovery of Central District
Victoria Peak funicular ascent
Dinner in Shanghai Min
Departure to the airport and return to France